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Dix Etudes pour Alto

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Marcel Vieux composed Ten Studies for Viola for advanced level players. Written among other sets of studies such as Twenty Studies and Ten studies on Intervals, this piece focuses on some renowned orchestral tunes to develop the skills of the players. It features: 1. Coriolan, by Beethoven; 2. Preciosa, by Weber; 3. Le barbier de Séville, by Rossini; 4. Les noces de Figaro, by Mozart; 5. Euryanthe, by Weber; 6. IX Symphonie, by Beethoven; 7. Benvuto Cellini, by Berlioz; 8. La grotte de Fingal, by Mendelssohn; 9. La fiancée vendue, by Smetana; 10. Tannhaüser, by Wagner. Marcel Vieux was also a professor at the Paris Conservatoire and a soloist at the Paris Opera. The Marcel Vieux International Viola Competition was established in 1983.