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New Imperial Edition, The

SKU 48018793
These collections of 30 songs each, released over 50 years ago, have been a mainstay of classical vocal study. There is a different song list for each voice type. Now accompaniment CDs are available that match each book. Special CD-ROM features are added to the audio CD which allow the tempo on the accompaniments to be adjusted without changing the pitch, or also, allow transposition.

Contents: ARNE: Where the bee sucks • BISHOP: Shoud he upbraid • BRAHMS: At Last (So willst du des Armen) • Lullaby (Wiegenlied) • The Vain Duit (Vergebliches Standchen) • CAMPIAN: So sweet is thy discourse • GIBBS: Why do I love? • GOUNOD: Without Thee! • GRIEG: Solveig's Song • HANDEL: Care Selve • Endless pleasure, endless love • Let me wander not unseen • HARTY: A Lullaby • HEAD: The Singer • HENSCHEL: Spring