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Pieces D'amour Et Autres Inedits Pour Piano

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“Having been considered as a 'fashionable' and 'cliché' composer of his day, Hahn's Piano Works remain unknown. Love Pieces and other hitherto unpublished Piano works, however, shatter these prejudices held, representing the engaging diversity of the composer's music. Venezuelan born Reynaldo Hahn (1875-1947) entered the Paris Conservatoire at 10 years old. He received a high standard of musical education from Decombes, Lavignac, Dubois and Massenet before becoming a prolific and versatile composer himself, writing works for all genres. For Hahn, music was a magical art and his Piano compositions often contain expressions of his otherwise hidden emotions and moods. Suitable for intermediate standard pianists, Hahn's Love Pieces and other hitherto unpublished Piano works provide pleasant and evocative short pieces, incorporating a range of expressions, rhythms and other musical features.”