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Boulez 2nd Sonata For Piano (piano)

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“Composed by Pierre Boulez, 2nd Sonata for Piano is a piece for Piano in four distinct movements. Really modern and dissonant, this piece, played in its totality, lasts approximatively 32 minutes. - 1st movement: Really fast 730 - 2nd movement: Slow 11 - 3rd movement: Moderate speed 230 - 4th movement: Rapid 11 This piece is difficult and requires a good music theory knowledge and a strong / professional practice of Piano. Really atonal, it includes numerous accidental notes, trills, and many changes in nuances at a rapid tempo for most of the piece. Pierre Boulez was a French composer who believed in the progress of music and who wrote many modern pieces. He studied with Olivier Messiaen, but developed a very different, distinctive style.”