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Bernstein, Leonard - Art Songs and Arias Medium/Low Voice

SKU 48019459
These exciting new collections feature new transcriptions, previously unpublished material, and some selections never before published separately from complete vocal scores. High Voice edition features 29 selections and the Medium/Low Voice edition has 34.

Contents: Afterthought • from Arias and Barcarolles: (Little Smary • Greeting) • La Bonne Cuisine, Four Recipes: (Plum Pudding • Queues de Boeuf (Ox-Tails) • Tavouk Gueunksis • Civet a Toute Vitess (Rabbit at Top Speed)) • I Hate Music: (I. My Name Is Barbara • II. Jupiter Has Seven Moons • III. I Hate Music! • IV. A Big Indian and a Little Indian • V. I'm a Person Too) • My Twelve-Tone Melody • Piccola Serenata • Silhouette (Galilee) • from Songfest: (Pennycandystore Beyond the El • To What You Said • Music I Heard With You • Zizi's Lament • What Lips my Lips Have Kissed • Two Love Songs: Extinguish My Eyes • When My Soul Touches Yours