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CLOSED Monday, July 4. Click here for Summer Hours

Argento Collected Song Cycles

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This lyric American master is celebrated in comprehensive collections of some of the greatest achievements in setting words to music in the 20th century. Fascinating, extensive essays by the composer give fresh insights into these masterworks. The Medium/Low Voice edition includes the first published transpositions of Songs about Spring and Six Elizabethan Songs.

Contents: SONGS ABOUT SPRING: Who Knows if the Moon's a Balloon • Spring is like a Perhaps Hand • In Just-spring • In Spring Comes • When Faces Called Flowers Float out of the Ground • SIX ELIZABETHAN SONGS: Spring • Sleep • Winter • Dirge • Diaphenia • Hymn • FROM THE DIARY OF VIRGINIA WOOLF: The Diary • Anxiety • Fancy • Hardy's Funeral • Rome • War • Parents • Last Entry • THE ANDREE EXPEDITION: PART ONE: IN THE AIR: Prologue • the Balloon Rises • Pride and Ambition • Dinner Aloft • The Unforeseen Problem • the Flight Aborted • PART TWO: ON THE ICE: Mishap with a Sledge • The King's Jubilee • Illness and Drugs • Hallucinations • Anna's Birthday • Epilogue • Final Words • CASA GUIDI: Casa Guidi • The Italian Cook and the English Maid • Robert Browning • The Death of Mr. Barrett • Domesticity • MISS MANNERS ON MUSIC: Prologue • Manners at a Concert • Manners at the Ballet • Manners for Contemporary Music • Manners at a Church Recital • Manners at the Opera • Envoi