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Anthology of Sacred Song - Volume 3

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J.S. Bach: Depart! enough! my treasure I retain..Ye foes of man, your might is shaken – Barnby: With overflowing heart, O Lord..The soft southern breeze plays around – Beethoven: Jehovah, hear, oh hear me!..Oh, my heart is sore within me – Benedict: A wondrous change my spirit doth surprise – Bennett: His salvation is nigh them that fear Him – Cowen: How excellent is thy loving-kindness – Foster: Your heavenly Father knoweth..Seek ye first the kingdom of God – Gaul: My soul is athirst for God • To the Lord our God belong mercies • Ascribe unto the Lord worship and power – Gounod: Father, thine arms about me throw! – Handel: Great Queen, be calm.. Gentle airs, melodious strains • From celestial seats descending • Deeper and deeper still..Waft her, angels, thro' the skies • My arms! against this Gorgias will I go..Sound an alarm! • Comfort ye, my people..Ev'ry valley shall be exalted • He that dwelleth in heaven..Thou shalt break them with a rod of iron • Jehovah! to my words give ear • Oh, loss of sight!..Total eclipse! no sun, no moon • My grief for this forbids mine eyes to close..Why does the God of Israel sleep? • Tyrannic Love! I feel thy cruel dart..Ye verdant hills, ye balmy vales – Haydn: And God created Man.. In native worth and honour clad • A Crystal pavement lies the lake..the trav'ler stands perplexed – Hiller: All my strength hath fled away..Yes, Thou wilt yet remember – Mendelssohn: Ye people, rend yourhearts..If with all your hearts ye truly seek me • Then shall the righteous shine forth • Sing ye praise, all ye redeemed..He counteth all your sorrows • Be thou faithful unto death – Mercadante: When to the lily fair – Molique: Pour out thy heart before the Lord – Parry: I will bear the indignation of God – Pugno: I Live! my heart is beating!..Thy name I praise, O God – Reinthaler: What! Miriam shall perish on the sacrificial altar?..Lovely and sweet as the rose in the vale – Spohr: O how familiar to mine ear..Remember, Lord, what Thou hast laid upon us – Stainer: King ever-glorious • My hope is in the Everlasting – Sullivan: Refrain thy voice from weeping • No chastening for the present seemeth joyous..Come, ye children, and hearken unto me – C.M. von Weber: Look how the fruitful land is smiling. Happy nation, still receiving.