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School and Office Supplies

  • Juilliard Pencil

    Juilliard Pencil

    #2 pencil with Juilliard logo imprinted barrel. Comes in three colors, each with a blue eraser. Unsharpened.

  • Juilliard Click Top Pen

    Juilliard Click Top Pen

    Sleek Prodir pen with Juilliard logo.

  • Composer Magnets

    Composer Magnets

    These adorable buttons celebrate some of our favorite brilliant and influential composers! They make a perfect gift for the musicians and music lov...

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  • Treble Clef Paper Clips

    Treble Clef Paper Clips

    Set of 6 black wire treble clef paper clips.

  • Juilliard Basic Pen

    Juilliard Basic Pen

    Jazz up your school and office supplies with this Juilliard logo pen. Translucent barrel with a squiggly pocket clip. Rubber grip and chrome-colore...

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  • Juilliard Three Ring Binder

    Juilliard Three Ring Binder

    1.5" thick, 3 ring binder. Juilliard blue with white Juilliard logo on cover and spine.

  • Juilliard Lined Moleskine Notebook

    Juilliard Lined Moleskine Notebook

    Lined hardcover notebook with embossed Juilliard logo. Take notes, write to-do lists and capture thoughts on ivory-colored pages inspired by the o...

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  • Circle of Fifths Mouse Pad
    Sold out

    Circle of Fifths Mouse Pad

    One of our best selling gifts. This mouse pad illustrates the circle of fifths in great detail.  Great gift for any aspiring student of music! 

  • Juilliard Mini Notebook

    Juilliard Mini Notebook

    5x7 wide ruled lined notebook. Spiral bound notebook with Juilliard logo printed cover.

  • G-Clef Eraser

    G-Clef Eraser

    Perfect for erasing markings on your scores. A must have for any musician.

  • Beethoven Henle Pencil

    Beethoven Henle Pencil

    G. Henle Beethoven 250th Anniversary commemorative pencil. Black barrel with black eraser and silver print.

  • Beethoven Pencil Set

    Beethoven Pencil Set

    Set of 6 pencils featuring Beethoven's signature.

  • Magnetic Pencil Clip
    Sold out

    Magnetic Pencil Clip

    Holds one pencil, magnet is perfect for attaching to metal music stand. Never have your pencil roll away again!

  • QuickStaff Pen

    QuickStaff Pen

    QuikStaff Draws a Perfect 5-Lined Music Staff on any Blank Paper Includes: Quikstaff Pen Housing, 5 Ballpoint Pens, 7 Pencil Tips and one Pencil E...

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  • Juilliard Blue Univers Magnet

    Juilliard Blue Univers Magnet

    2 1/2" x 3 1/2" Juilliard logo rectangular magnet.

  • Henle Writing Set with Tuning Fork

    Henle Writing Set with Tuning Fork

    Metal box, 145 x 50 x 15 mm, with 3 short pencils, 3 erasers, 1 sharpener and 1 tuning fork (A440).

  • Moleskine Large Music Notebook

    Moleskine Large Music Notebook

    The large Moleskine Art Plus Music Notebook is ideal for musicians, sound designers and song writers. The right page consists of 11 staffs, perfect...

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  • Drumstick Pen Set
    from $8.00

    Drumstick Pen Set

    2 pens that are also fun drumsticks. Set of two pens shaped like drumsticks Available in blue or black Made from sustainable wood Each pen measure...

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  • "I love singing with Bärenreiter blue" Pencil

    "I love singing with Bärenreiter blue" Pencil

    Commemorative pencil from Barenreiter, celebrating choral music. Price is for a single pencil

  • Music I-Clips

    Music I-Clips

    Each set of 8 i-clips is packaged in a clear plastic sleeve. Each clip is 3/4" wide x 1" high, folded.

  • Juilliard Moleskine Unlined Notebook

    Juilliard Moleskine Unlined Notebook

      Unlined, black hardcover notebook with embossed Juilliard logo. Take notes, write to-do lists and capture thoughts on ivory-colored pages inspir...

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  • Pavlova Shoes Bookmark

    Pavlova Shoes Bookmark

    Adapted from an actual pair of the shoes worn by the Russian prima ballerina during the first third of the 20th century. Her distinguished dancing ...

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  • G-Clef bookmark

    G-Clef bookmark

    Like all musical notations, this G-clef is a visual instruction, or record, of a musical sound. Different clefs are used to designate the pitch of ...

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  • Music Beaded Bookmark

    Music Beaded Bookmark

    Each bookmark is packaged in a clear plastic sleeve. Coordinating colored tassels and beads. Bookmarks measure 2-1/2" wide x 7-1/8" high. Gloss hig...

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