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Deimling Concerto for low strings and violin
Deimling Concerto for low strings and violin

Friedrich Hofmeister

Deimling Concerto for low strings and violin

Franz-Michael Deimling

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Deimling Concerto for low strings and violin

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Translated from German:

The first impulses for this concert came from a cello workshop held by Oliver Krüger in Weinsberg in spring 2023. The idea was to create a concerto for cello players, expanded to include additional timbres up and down, which would be easy to play for music school ensembles.

The special thing about this concert is that both beginners and advanced cello players can participate. In addition to the two parts Vc. 9 and Vc. 10, which can certainly be played by beginners, there are two groups of four (Vc. 1-4 and Vc. 5-9), who should sit opposite each other in a semicircle and have the parts Vc. 9 and Vc. 10 in their middle.

The orchestra's sound is complemented by two double bass voices, which should be positioned behind the cellos. A violin is then added to add a special timbre.

My special thanks go to Oliver Krüger, to whom I owe the critical review and the markings of fingerings and bowings; these, like the tempo markings, are to be understood as suggestions.

What sounds good is right!