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Holiday Windows

Holiday Windows

Come see the Juilliard Store holiday window display, a bright and festive winter scene on West 66th Street. 

Special thank you to Laura Carty, from Juilliard's Props Department who designed this year's display. 

The Prop Shop employs 4 staff and 2 apprentices, along with various over hire artisans and crew members. The furniture and large prop inventory is recorded on a database, comprising over 5000 objects, including 648 chairs, 131 lampshades, 64 swords, 25 typewriters, 9 severed heads, 7 kitchen sinks, and one miniature guillotine. This is not inclusive of smaller objects, such as dishware and household items.

So far, the Prop Shop has worked on 7 productions this semester, and provided incidental support to classroom showings, workshops and Student Initiated Projects.

Keep an eye out for the fawn resting in the window, which was originally made for the opera Iphigenie, in 2008, and has subsequently appeared in numerous other productions, as well as becoming a favorite playmate of some of the children who visit the Prop Shop.

We hope you enjoy this year's design!

Juilliard Store Holiday Windows 2021Juilliard Store Holiday Windows 2021Juilliard Store Holiday Windows 2021

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